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The environment for Dreamee Explorers is designed to encourage artists to develop at their own pace while connecting with a community discovering their own full potential.

The skills Dreamee Explorers will develop include: 

😎 Concentration
😎 Creative Thinking
😎 Public Speaking Skills
😎 Self Confidence/Self Esteem
😎 Acting/Production 
😎 Networking/Social Connections

Class topics include: 

💥Understanding Plot/Storytelling
💥Character Design
💥Sound effects/Music Design
💥Using Your Voice
💥Creating Visual Elements
💥Character Movement
💥College Audition Prep (graduating high school seniors graders only)


💓 Access to Dreamee Explorers and monthly member spotlight
💓 Weekly virtual classes in acting and production
💓 Monthly member showcase and feedback
💓 Birthday recognition
💓 Access to nationwide castings/job board
💓 Industry access to theatre tickets, film screenings, and events
💓 Behind the scenes access to DoD Productions
💓 Discount to celebrity headshot photographers and stylists
💓 Members only Industry Insider Interviews
💓 Members only discounts and class giveaways

Classes are sectioned for:

Kindergarten & 1st grades
2nd & 3rd grades
4th & 5th grades
6th through 8th grades
9th through 12th grades

Let’s go explore your dreams!


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