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Dream of Dréa, LLC serves to produce transcendent stories through the cohesion of culturally responsible artists.

About Dréa Lewis

Dréa Lewis went from being an ambitious scholar from Albany, GA, to earning a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech. She then subsequently positioned herself to be under the auspices of the multiple award-winning director, Mike Nichols, while pursuing graduate studies in New York. It was Mike Nichols who set the stage for her to work at Paramount Studios, developed a connection to Tom Hanks, and be eligible to join professional unions. Before she earned her Master of Arts degree in Acting (Antioch University Midwest, Yellow Springs, OH), she authored her thesis, “The Mathematics of Acting” © 2007, with the aid of Mr. Hanks. In 2019, she developed that thesis into “The Mathematics of Acting: A Workbook” © 2019.


  Producer 🔺 Director 🔺 Actor 🔺 Playwright 🔺 Screenwriter 🔺 Author 🔺 Event Host Consultant 🔺 Teacher 🔺 Community Organizer 🔺 IRS ERO

Film Production

Film: “The Delilah Factor”, written by Vallerie Lewis (mother) and Dréa Lewis (daughter). Coming Soon

Live Events

Dream of Dréa oversees the artistic integrity of an event by creating its structure through original script and directing cast and crew.


All the world’s a stage, and the workplace is not to be discounted. Through “Incorpor-ACT!” companies can experience Customer Relations, Diversity Training, and Team Building concepts.


Book: “The Mathematics of Acting: A Workbook” 

Book: “If There Were Only One Color In the World”, written by Vallerie Lewis (Produced by Dréa Lewis


Dream of Dréa + Genèsic Nonprofit Organization Incorporated


Albany, GA

“Strike Out Sickle Cell Bowling Fundraiser”


Dréa visits Mexico!

On June 19th--Juneteenth--I traveled through the green landscapes of Cozumel Island to a sacred Mayan sanctuary dedicated to the fertility goddess, Ixchel, called Kun Che. It is located at the oldest human settlement of the island "El Cedral" town.

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