Artist Engagement

Dream of Dréa envisions…

a vibrant and interconnected community where artists thrive, evolve, and flourish in their creative pursuits. We strive to be the premier artist engagement firm, offering a comprehensive suite of resources designed to fuel the holistic development of every individual within our work space.

Our vision encompasses:

Fostering a collaborative culture within the virtual co-working space: This space exclusive to artists brings together like minded individuals who thrive on creative energy and inspiration.

Enriching Artistic Skills with Classes and Workshops: Through Dreamvercity, we offer a diverse range of classes and workshops, led by industry experts. These experiences are crafted to cultivate artistic skills, encourage experimentation, and foster a sense of community among artists.

Virtual Co-Working Space

Do you want to be held accountable to the work you SAY do?

Do you want to be celebrated for your progress in your creative journey?

Do you want to have the opportunity to be paid as you work?


This is the group you need.


Thursdays (resuming February 15, 2024).

12 PM – 2 PM EST



We provide a space where artists are welcomed, seen, heard, valued, and loved on in a learning environment. You’re one click away from joining the journey.

February 2, 2024

 12 PM EST



What to do with pennies when Producing

Adding up small amounts of change is useful when working as an independent producer. Dréa Lewis serves as instructor to present a strategy used while employing various types of accounts to fund a project.

Sign Up available

TBA, 50 minutes


Kindergarten through Mature Dreamers – Acting/Directing/Producing/Writing

Weekly classes featuring age-appropriate material for artists of all ages. Students learn everything from the basics of theatre to the overall production of a live performance to working in front of a camera. Our classes are a great place to start and find out more about their interest in and passion for acting!

Dream of Dréa