Dream of Dréa

Dream of Dréa serves to be culturally responsible in the production of feature films and theatrical events, as well as transcendent in performing, directing, and strategic arts consulting.

About Dréa

Dréa Lewis went from being an ambitious scholar from Albany, GA, to earning a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech, then subsequently positioned herself to be under the auspices of the multiple award-winning director, Mike Nichols, while pursuing graduate studies in New York. It was Mike Nichols who set the stage for her to work at Paramount Studios, developed a connection to Tom Hanks, and be eligible to join professional unions. Before she earned her Master of Arts degree in Acting (Antioch University Midwest, Yellow Springs, OH), she authored her thesis, “The Mathematics of Acting” © 2007, with the aid of Mr. Hanks. In 2019, she developed that thesis into “The Mathematics of Acting: A Workbook” © 2019.

She is the Managing Director of Dream of Dréa, LLC, a company serving to accentuate the cultural awareness in the production of feature films, theatrical events, and strategic arts consulting